Colour-changing car works on voice command - or does it?

Video footage has emerged of a man reportedly changing the colour of his car – simply by asking Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. The film, which appears to have been taken in an underground car park, shows a Nissan GT-R rapidly shifting colour on command by the owner.

The man begins by asking Alexa to cycle through a few colours, including red, light blue, purple and green.

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As he asks for a lighter green, Alexa remarks: "You are so picky," before the man hits back with "Whatever, Siri's better anyway," referring to the Apple voice assistant.

Alexa then changes the car to pink, demanding that the man apologises, and remarking "Good boy!" when he does.

However, the origin of the video is dubious, with commenters on Instagram where the video was first posted coming up with all kinds of explanations including military-grade colour-changing nanobots.

What appears to be more likely is that the car is simply coated in a reflective wrap, and a series of projectors are being used to display other colours over the top.

Regardless of how it's achieved, the allure of a colour-changing car is very cool – and certainly makes for a good video.

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