Top 10 best sports cars

The best-selling cars in the UK are, without exception, hatchbacks, saloons and crossovers. But why is this? After all, practicality is only really a bonus - we all know what really matters is powerful engines, snarling exhausts, sleek looks and sheer driving pleasure.

You'll find these in the best sports cars on sale today. It's quite difficult to pidgeonhole exactly what makes a sports car - is it a convertible by default? Can it have more than two seats? Which countries can it hail from?

We're defining a sports car as one that puts the pleasure of driving above such mundane considerations as practicality, fuel economy or ease of driving. That's not to say that the best sports cars don't offer all of these - some do, wonderfully, acting as genuine daily drivers as well as being thrilling to blast down a back road.

We've rounded up ten of our favourites, all of which should make you grin like a loon on those rare occasions you can open up the taps, crank up the tunes and go for a great drive.