Tesla driver reportedly has ticket dismissed after driving with feet out of window

A Grammy-nominated music producer claims to have successfully contested a conviction for careless driving by convincing a judge that his Tesla vehicle was '100 per cent' self-driving.

DJ Klypso, also known as Joseph Salim Mourad, was handed a ticket for driving 'at an unsafe slow speed' and using his mobile phone last year. He filmed himself 'driving' his Tesla Model S while his feet were hanging out of the window, passing a California Highway Patrol officer as he did so.

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However, Mourad claims that when attending court in Los Angeles, he was able to convince the judge that as the Model S has an autopilot feature, which accurately monitors the driver's actions while on the freeway, he was in full control of the vehicle.

He told The Blast that the judge "dismissed both violations after he brought supporting evidence that the Tesla autopilot drives 100 per cent " on its own, and accurately monitors speed while on the freeway.

Though Mourad did show evidence that the tickets were cancelled, there was no actual evidence that this was on the basis of the autopilot system. Electric car blog Elektrek is sceptical, saying "it sounds a lot more like bad police work or judgement from the court."

It said: "Unlike what Mourad claimed, the autopilot under its current form is a driver assist system and doesn't drive 100 per cent on its own. Drivers must always monitor the system and be ready to take control at any time which, of course, you can't do if your feet are out of the window."

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