Car cuts up lorry with just inches to spare


A trucker's dashcam has revealed the scary moment a tiny city car cut him off at high speed – before immediately slamming on the brakes to come to a halt just inches apart.

Dashcam footage shows the lorry, reportedly a unit with no trailer attached, merging onto the A638. Having been forced to move out earlier than usual due to another parked truck, he's then overtaken by a Peugeot 107 city car on the chevronned area of the road.

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As soon as he gets in front of the lorry, the Peugeot driver slams on his brakes, coming to a complete stop – as the lorry driver frantically bashes the horn.

As the two vehicles stop, the Peugeot driver gets out of his car and lies down in the middle of the road – apparently inspecting his rear bumper.

The lorry driver, understandably frustrated, points at his dash cam before sticking his fingers up at the car driver.

An onlooker said: "The Peugeot 107 driver could see there was an obstacle on the slip road but instead of easing off the accelerator a little, he overtook on the chevrons. Instead of then continuing his journey and letting it be, the 107 'dodgem' had other ideas and slammed his brakes on, brake testing the truck."