Parking supervisor altered records and cancelled her own tickets

The parking ticket on the car of Charles Hirons outside Derby Crown Court where he was ordered to pay more than £1,200 after spreading "muck" on the steps of same court.

A civil enforcement supervisor in charge of parking in Reading has admitted charges of fraud, after magistrates were told that she abused her power to alter records and to cancel her own parking fines.

Melissa Holloway reportedly worked her way out of 17 fines, including some issued to her partner over the course of three years. She cancelled her own tickets, and altered computer records so that debt collection agencies and bailiffs arrived at the addresses of innocent motorists instead.

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Shanda McAteer, prosecuting, said: "This was a significant breach of trust and went on for a number of years. There was no clear-cut motive and no reason as to how it went on for as long as it did."

Holloway was issued with a 17-week suspended jail sentence, and ordered to repay £1,116 to the council in costs. She must also complete 100 hours of community work.

A spokesperson for Reading borough council said: "Melissa Holloway was dismissed by the council in November 2017 after an internal investigation uncovered the fraudulent activity."

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