Smart Mercedes headlights could project warning signals onto the road

Selected high-end Mercedes-Maybach models will now be equipped with the very latest in cutting-edge headlight technology. The new system is capable of not just lighting the road ahead, but projecting warning symbols and driver information as it does so.

Equipped with a digital projector, the headlights can control where the light is thrown, forming high-resolution symbols to warn drivers without them having to look down at their gauge cluster.

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The projectors feature a resolution of 'over one million pixels' according to Mercedes.

The system uses data from the car's onboard sensors, as well as GPS data regarding traffic and obstacles, and displays symbols that correspond onto the road – where the drivers eyes will likely be in the first place.

Possible symbols include a snowflake, indicating a risk of icy roads, a construction symbol to remind them to slow down for roadworks, or even GPS navigation arrows to show them where to turn.

The smart headlamps are also capable of selectively dimming individual pixels to avoid blinding drivers or pedestrians. Smart sensors are capable of detecting faces and windscreens, and automatically dim the brightness in those areas.

While it will likely be several years before this technology filters down to lesser models, it will be fitted as optional equipment to the very exclusive Mercedes-Maybach S-Class limousine.

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