Police release video of drink-driver getting run over by his own car

Fairfax County Police in Virgina, USA, have released dashcam footage from a recent pursuit, showing a suspected drink-driver being run over by his own car.

The force said the incident, which took place at around 1am on a Sunday morning, happened as they tried pulling over 30-year-old Isaac Bonsu.

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A daring half-mile chase ensued, but it ended rather unusually with Bonsu jumping out of his car and starting to run off. But as he neglected to stop the car fully in his haste, he was immediately run over by his own vehicle.

Uninjured, Bonsu got up and attempted to run but was quickly caught by police.

Police said Bonsu was unharmed by the incident and subsequently charged him with driving while under the influence of alcohol, possession of marijuana, disregarding an officer's signal to stop, driving with a revoked licence, driving with an open container of alcohol, hit-and-run, and illegal window tint.

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