Misbehaving child is shocked by the noise at drag race

A young boy got the fright of his life – and perhaps dose of well-deserved karma – at a recent drag race in Sydney, Australia, after being filmed misbehaving just seconds before a top fuel dragster sets off at high speed.

Filmed by his uncle, the young boy spends a few moments pulling faces at the camera, before miming a jack-in-the-box motion and putting his middle finger up to sweat at the lens.

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But seconds after kicking back with pride for this action, the dragster sets off with a noise that appears to frighten the living daylights out of him – even though he's equipped with a hefty set of ear defenders.

Top fuel dragsters are capable of producing up to 150dB of sound at full throttle. That's louder than a gunshot, almost as loud as a jet aircraft taking off – and high enough volume to cause permanent hearing damage at close proximity.

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