Watch lorry push car down a road without even realising

Dashcam footage has captured the moment a HGV crashed into a car before pushing it down a road.

The Ford Fiesta is believed to have pulled out in front of the lorry at a junction, before the lorry slams into the side of it and pushes it down the road at a 90-degree angle to the truck.

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Because of the blind spots that lorry drivers have, they would have been entirely unaware that they had hit the supermini.

Despite drivers frantically beeping and trying to grab the attention of the HGV driver, they remain unaware of what's happening.

While the lorry continues pushing the car off camera, it is believed to have stopped further down the road at a nearby petrol station. The driver of the car is thought to have been uninjured.

The incident happened last Wednesday on Bullsmoor Lane, Enfield, Greater London, when snowy weather was sweeping across the UK, as can be seen by the poor driving conditions in this video.

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