Driver shows the importance of a dashcam after woman rolls back into his truck

A driver in the US has shown off exactly why dashcams are such useful devices, after it proved he was not to blame for a minor incident at a set of traffic lights. The driver, named only as 'TheBeardDontLie' on YouTube, uploaded the footage after a woman rolled backwards into his truck at a set of traffic lights – and then attempted to blame it on him.

The video shows the man's truck pulling behind a small silver saloon car at a set of traffic lights, as both vehicles wait to turn left. Captions pinpoint the moment the woman let off her brakes and began rolling backwards.

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Her car continues to roll towards the car, and even honking the horn didn't appear to alert her to her movement. Eventually, the vehicles collide – and the furious drivers get out of their vehicles to exchange details.

The woman reportedly claimed that her vehicle could not have rolled back, as it was an automatic – but when confronted with the footage from the dashcam she admitted blame. However, that wasn't the end of the story, as the video caption says she was later seen taking pictures of the truck.

Luckily, armed with the dashcam video, the driver's insurance company said he had nothing to worry about.

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