Wild dog chase - pups lead police on daring run down highway

An Arizona highway ground to a halt as police attempted to catch a pair of determined dogs, who had escaped onto the road.

The two dogs, both white, evaded capture for an entire hour by police, firefighters, and other good Samaritans, necessitating a rolling roadblock to avoid injury.

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"We got a call from a concerned motorist of two dogs running on the freeway," said state trooper Kameron Lee.

While one dog was eventually cornered and captured on the motorway, another ran into a mobile home park, where residents eventually managed to get hold of it.

The two dogs, one with an eye infection, were taken to an animal shelter. An employee of the shelter said: "Once they realised that everybody around them was nice and not going to hurt them, they just loved us. They're really friendly dogs."

If the pup's owners don't come forth, they will be put up for adoption.

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