VW announces new T-Roc Convertible SUV

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Volkswagen AG
Volkswagen AG

As SUVs grow ever more popular, companies are keen to explore niches in the market they may not have otherwise. We've had coupe SUVs, seven-seat SUVs, performance SUVs and offroading SUVs. The latest trend, however, could be the convertible SUV, as Volkswagen has announced a drop-top version of its T-Roc compact crossover.

Previewed only in concept form so far, the T-Roc cabriolet will be built in the first half of 2020. Volkswagen says the cabrio will be a 'highly emotional model'. We're not quite sure which emotions the brand wants us to feel, but for some, we suspect 'disgust' will be fairly high up the list.

It's not just Volkswagen that's created some truly heinous convertibles, though. We've rounded up some of the absolute worst...