Watch the moment an SUV ends up tangled in plastic sheeting

The driver of an SUV had a lucky escape after he ended up driving into plastic sheeting on a highway in America.

The dashcam footage recorded by a Minnesota Police patrol car sees the plastic flying around on the motorway in the distance, after it had fallen from a lorry, before the SUV drives into the sheeting. The driver manages to stop at the side of the road, thankfully not hitting anyone.

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The Minnesota State Patrol officer helped the driver to remove the plastic from the car.

The driver of the SUV said he could see what was going to happen so slowed and pulled over.

The incident happened on Highway 52 in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota on February 14.

The police said: "This is another reminder as to why it's important to keep your eyes on the road. It's also important to secure objects in a truck or trailer to avoid a potentially deadly situation".

By Andrew Evans

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