Subaru forced up motorway embankment in shocking dashcam footage

When you think of rallying, a few brands stand out from the crowd – one of which is Subaru. That rally heritage came in handy for one driver, as seen in this dashcam video captured in Chorzow in Poland.

It shows the driver of a Subaru Impreza estate forced up the side of a motorway embankment at high speed, after another driver misjudged their exit and slammed into its side.

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The other vehicle, a BMW X3, veered across the motorway and forced the Subaru up onto a 45-degree embankment. But in a display of either luck or impressive skill, the Impreza remained totally controlled and composed, and made its way back onto the road with very little drama.

Surprisingly, the two drivers do not stop immediately, but continue onwards until they are out of sight of the camera car.

Nevertheless, the video shows an impressive piece of defensive driving, and we can only hope that the driver of the BMW was held to account for their terrible motorway etiquette.

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