Van filmed driving while missing a wheel

It's easy enough to continue on your way down the road with a brake light out, or perhaps the trim from a door mirror missing. But to drive down the road while completely missing a tyre takes some doing – and it's exactly what one van driver was filmed doing.

The van, a Ford Transit, is filmed proceeding as if nothing was wrong, despite the offside rear wheel completely missing. Instead, the heavy van drives along on its wheel rim, gouging a deep trench into the tarmac and sending sparks and debris flying.

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Despite the missing tyre, the van isn't hanging about, driving down the road at reasonable speeds and even squeezing into a tiny gap beside an oncoming bus.

The van's driver, Colin Coleman, was convicted following the submission of the footage to police. The 51-year old was given an 18-week suspended prison sentence and an 18-month driving ban for dangerous driving.

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