Biker has near miss with truck travelling in the wrong lane

An American motorcycle rider had a near miss with a pickup truck on a junction, when the driver pulled out into his path.

The rider was returning from a day at school, down a typically long, straight stretch of US road.

As the rider passed the junction, the driver of the white Dodge Ram pick-up pulled out into the wrong lane, seemingly looking to skip the queue of traffic ahead.

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The rider managed to avoid contact with the truck, and also managed to contain himself from use of any particularly strong language, potentially realising that he had caught the incident on tape and could make some money off the moment - or perhaps we're being facetious?

"What the hell? I almost died! Holy cow!" He exclaimed after letting out a series of squeals and screams as he took evasive action. The rider then pulled over to regain his composure, clearly experiencing a rush of adrenaline after the near miss.

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