Rally spectators narrowly avoid huge accident with car

A group of spectators at the 2018 Winter Rally in Lithuania got the shock of their lives, after narrowly avoiding a collision with a car when they thought the race was over.

The onlookers, believing the last car had made its way round, began walking across the track – slipping on the icy surface and unaware that another vehicle was yet to pass them.

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As the car came quickly around the corner behind them, the cameraperson – along with other onlookers – quickly screamed at the group to get out of the way, but they did not appear to hear. Instead, the car came devastatingly close to an impact, slamming on the brakes and sliding on the icy surface as the group eventually got their act together and dived off the road.

Luckily, nobody was injured, and the BMW rally car was able to continue its race. The speed with which it took the next corner suggests the driver wasn't particularly shaken up, either.

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