Ford's "Buzz Car" reads your emotions


In a bid to prove that driving a sporty car is a great way to improve wellbeing, Ford has created a special version of its Focus RS hot hatchback – with sophisticated tech that the company says can read the emotions of the driver.

Ford's 'Buzz Car' is powered by a high-end gaming PC linked to hundreds of thousands of bright LED lights adorning the exterior. The car's sensors read the driver's physical and mental state and display a dazzling animation across the lit-up exterior.

Ford's "Buzz Car" can read your emotions


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Getting excited behind the wheel – easy to do in a 345bhp hyper-hatch – will prompt the lights to flash, showing a 'thrillseeking moment' that Ford says is on the same emotional scale as a rollercoaster ride.

Dr Cavan Fyans of Sensum - which developed the tech - said: "Cars know what's happening with the environment, where they are and weather - but nothing about the humans.

"Putting our tech in cars means we can feed emotions back in."

Eventually the tech could be used to aid safety on the roads, displaying soothing lights and music to a driver it detects to be stressed – or waking up a drowsy driver by taking control of the wheel and displaying warnings. The car can act before you have an accident.