Dramatic video shows cop getting hit by driver before chasing car on foot

Shocking footage has captured the moment a police officer is hit by a Mercedes driver, before chasing the reckless motorist on foot.

The NYPD officer, Ian Wallace, steps in front of the vehicle in order to stop it — but instead, the driver puts his foot down and mows straight into Wallace.

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Despite being knocked over by the Mercedes C-Class, which appears to be a high-performance C63 AMG model, Wallace gets straight up and continues to pursue the violent motorist on foot.

The incident was filmed in Times Square, New York, by professional skateboarder Kiefer Dickson — who was on a skateboard at the time, expertly weaving through traffic to capture the incident.

The driver got away, with officer Ian Wallace sustaining minor injuries from the collision. Fortunately, he's expected to recover swiftly.

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