Near miss between lorry and car caught on dashcam - but who's to blame?

Dramatic footage captured in Branksome, Bournemouth shows the moment a massive lorry barely misses hitting a car. The incident happened as two lanes merged into one, and left the car driver shaken.

"Time to change underwear after nearly being crushed," was the caption on the video as it was uploaded to Facebook. It shows the car exiting a roundabout onto a two-lane road – though the lanes merge into one shortly after.

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As the car approaches the merge point, it is forced to stop as a flatbed lorry drives up the inside. The truck comes very close to hitting the car, and the driver is left understandably shaken.

But the clip has sparked a lively debate on social media, with commenters split over whose fault the near-miss was.

"HGV driver should know better, I'm afraid they are not what they used to be," said one viewer. "Disgusting from a professional driver, should know better than that," commented another.

Not everyone was on the car driver's side, though. "The truck has right of way. Did the car driver even know the truck was there?" asked a viewer. Another simply added: "CAR DRIVER OBEY THE HIGHWAY CODE."

See the video below:

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