£185k Lamborghini Huracan attacked with key while parked on the street

It's a sight to make even the strongest of car lovers weep.

A Lamborghini Huracan Avio was viciously attacked with a set of keys as it sat defenceless on a street in Bruges.

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Some say it's art, some say it's scratched with a key

A post shared by Ward Lemmens (@lemmenscarphoto) on

With scores of scratches across the entire bonnet of the matte green Huracan, it sat looking in a sorry state on the side of the road.

What makes it even more of a horrific crime, was that only 250 of these Italian Air Force-inspired LP610-4s were made, with four special matte finishes available (along with one metallic finish).

Taking to Instagram to show the devastation, user lemmenscarphoto posted the horrifying sight accompanied by the simple caption "Why?". In another picture, he said: "Some say it's art, some say it's scratched with a key."

The photos show that the vandal(s) appear to have taken a key to the supercar while it was parked in the street, with deep gashes clearly visible. They also took their time to inflict as much damage as possible, attacking the vehicle from three sides.

Lemmens also expressed his displeasure at the senseless act in a Facebook post, writing: "A rare Huracan Avio with key scratches on three sides... Live from Bruges. I am surprised by this."

"My sports cars have never been vandalised, considering I take them everywhere. People respect this type of car... most of the time".

No further information about the vandalised car has been revealed.

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