Motorist arrested for trying to pull over police officer

A man has been arrested in California for trying to pull over another vehicle, not realising the person he was trying to stop was in fact a police officer.

Brandon Freeman, 29 was arrested after turning on red flashing lights on his 2008 Buick saloon and attempting to pull over another car. However, the driver he attempted to stop was an off-duty sergeant, Visalia police have said.

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The officer carried on driving and got in touch with patrols on duty so that they could intercept him.

Freeman was promptly arrested for impersonating a police officer, and his passenger was also arrested for outstanding warrants.

It is not known how the officer knew that Freeman was not a policeman, but his actions certainly helped in his arrest.

The incident happened in Tulare in central California.

It just goes to show that you never quite know who is in front of you...

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