US Coast Guard rescues pensioner from a sinking car

Dramatic video footage has captured the Panama City Coast Guard effecting a dangerous rescue on the waters of St Andrews Marina. Unusually, though, the team was not rescuing someone from a sinking boat, but from a sinking car.

The occupant, an 89-year-old man, had driven off the side of the marina, and found himself trapped inside the vehicle as it rapidly filled with water.

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The Coast Guard crew witnessed the incident from their position aboard another boat, the Marlin, and immediately launched a rescue crew to help the man.

The team broke the car's window and pulled the man from the vehicle. He was hospitalised, while the car was presumably allowed to sink and recovered afterwards.

Panama City police said the man suffered a medical condition which caused him to lose control of the vehicle.

"I am very pleased with the quick reaction of the crew," said Glenn Bucklin, officer in charge of the Marlin. "We are extremely grateful that we happened to be at the marina at the right time to put our boat crew in position to save the life of the driver trapped inside.

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