Designated drivers reveal annoying habits of festively fuddled passengers

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Sober motorists are likely to encounter at least one entry on this list of irksome habits, as booze-free designated drivers selflessly ferry around tipsy friends and family this Christmas.

The survey, which was conducted by music streaming service Deezer, revealed that 'drunken passengers singing out of tune' is the biggest woe for over a fifth of designated drivers this festive season.

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The poll revealed that Christmas tunes are the nation's favourite genre to sing to when drunkenly slumped in the back of the car, followed closely by cheesy pop and loud rock.

However, it is females that are getting into the Christmas spirit the most, with 60 per cent more women voting this as their drunken preference, compared to men.

According to the research, out of tune crooning was just one of many annoying habits of sozzled passengers, with unintelligent conversations (21 per cent), argumentative passengers (20 per cent) and passengers refusing to wear a seatbelt (13 per cent) ranking among the top gripes of sober drivers.

If the designated driver is between the age of 35 and 44, there is further bad news, as this is the age group that that finds drunken backseat singers the most irritating (25 per cent).

Alternatively, the older age group of 55+ were the most tolerant, with only 18 per cent admitting to being annoyed by drunken singing passengers.

In response to the research, Deezer has created a festive playlist of the songs the UK public voted the hardest to sing along to, including Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush and Motorhead's Ace of Spades.

Phil Moore, VP Northern & Southern EMEA at Deezer, said: "This festive season we want to applaud all the designated drivers out there and make their lives easier by preventing boozy singalongs in the car, thanks to our anti-singalong playlist that has been chosen by Brits".

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