Supercar gets refuelling disastrously wrong

The owner of a £100,000+ Audi R8 is likely very angry with themselves, after CCTV footage captured the moment it speared out of control and mounted a supermini.

The footage isn't top-quality, being taken from a petrol station video camera, but it clearly shows the exotic mid-engined supercar creeping towards the petrol pump, while the owner of a white MG3 is refuelling.

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Suddenly, the Audi accelerates, and with considerable power from the R8's V10 engine it quickly reaches a dangerous speed. Seemingly totally out of control, the Audi smashes into the MG3 and mounts it, narrowly avoiding hitting the car's owner.

Luckily, the MG's owner ducks out of the way just in time, and doesn't appear to be injured. The same can't be said of the cars, both of which will likely be faced with enormous repair bills.

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