Owl found under bonnet of engine during oil change

Mechanics in America had a surprise discovery when they opened the bonnet of a car they were working on, only to discover an owl under there.

Staff at the garage in Salem, New Hampshire, said the owl was sitting on the engine when they opened the bonnet of a Nissan that was in for a routine oil change last Friday.

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The garage – Pep Boys Auto repair – has named the owl Shazam.

The bird, believed to be an eastern screech owl was said to be friendly before it was sent to a wildlife centre to be checked out properly.

A Facebook post from Salem police said: "Shazam was sitting on the engine and the car owner had no idea how he got there.

"We figured he was there for the warmth or had chased a mouse in there.

"Shazam was very friendly and was easily handled by the wildlife team."

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