Watch out! Reckless driver almost runs over dog walker

Dashcam footage has captured the scary moment a reckless driver nearly flattened an innocent dog walker.

The video begins with a slow-speed trundle through a historic town centre. As the filming vehicle slows to turn right, it captures a shocking piece of driving – a Toyota RAV4, mounting the pavement at very high speed in order to overtake.

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As the Toyota clatters back onto the road, it very narrowly avoids hitting an innocent bystander out walking her dog.

To add another black mark onto their record, the Toyota driver then continues racing down the road, threading through a gap between a parked car and an oncoming Mini that would give anybody cause to gasp.

Luckily in this footage, it doesn't appear that anybody was injured – but if the RAV4 continues driving in this way, we can't imagine it will be long before everything ends in tears.

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