Pop-up police officer cutouts to act as speeding deterrent in Dundee

Life-size cutout police officers are to be placed at speeding hot-spots in Dundee to remind drivers to slow down.

The figures, known as "Pop-up Jims", show the officer holding a speed gun which is aimed at drivers to remind them to check how fast they are going.

They will be placed in Dundee's Strathmartine and Coldside wards where concerns have been raised about speeding.

The pilot project will run over the coming months.

Chief Inspector Nicky Russell, Local Area Commander for Dundee, said: "This is a fantastic initiative by the local Community Team to address concerns from local residents and wider community, we will use the Pop-up Jims to tackle the areas of concern as well as enforcing the issues of speeding drivers, to ensure we keep our roads safe for our communities."

Pop-up Jims have previously been deployed successfully in Fife, police said.

Sergeant Lesley Mann from Police Scotland's Tayside Division worked with two local groups - Coldside Community Forum and Kirkton Community Safety Partnership - to find the funding needed for the project.

Dundee Partnership's Community Regeneration Forums in Strathmartine and Coldside agreed to provide the funding for the groups to buy the 'Pop-up Jims'.

'Pop-up Jim' (Police Scotland/PA)
'Pop-up Jim' (Police Scotland/PA)

Councillor Alan Ross, Convener of Community Safety and Public Protection, said: "This is a great initiative which has had the input from the local community, Police Scotland and the council to identify speeding hot spots where these cut out Jims can be used.

"Concerns have been raised about speeding at Local Community Partnerships in both the Starthmartine and Coldside wards and Police Scotland suggested this would be a way to combat that.

"Kirkton Community Safety Partnership and Coldside Community Forum secured funding through the Community Regeneration Forums for the Pop-up Jims and I'm delighted to see them here combating speeding drivers."

George Crozier, maintenance manager of construction services at Dundee City Council, donated the padlocks to keep "Pop-up Jim" safe.

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