Car disastrously crashes into cellar outside tube station


"Some fine parking outside Lancaster Gate this morning," read the tweets, as commuters took stock of what was in front of them. That was the scene in Central London, after a Mercedes coupe left the road and ended up plunging into the basement of a building during rush hour.

The motorist, who was travelling with a passenger, escaped unscathed from the vehicle, which was left under a block of luxury apartments. A receptionist at Fountain House, opposite, told the Evening Standard it was lucky nobody was killed.

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"I heard the very loud screeching of tyres as he tried to brake at the last moment. I looked up and saw him go through the railings and down.

"The driver had pulled himself out of the car and was having an argument with himself. He was pretty angry.

"He wasn't going crazy over the speed limit and wasn't being chased, he just never made the turn."

Twitter responded in its usual fine form. "Yeah mate, I think we're gonna be a bit late," said one tongue-in-cheek commenter.

The crash forced closure of the road in one direction, affecting local traffic. The car has not yet been recovered since its untimely demise at 5:15am. The driver did not require any medical treatment, but was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and interviewed at a south London police station.

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