Bespoke 1957 VW Beetle is a ‘work of art’

A car dealership in Sheffield has just taken delivery of a rather special VW Beetle. In any form, the classic Beetle is an icon, but this bespoke model has been tuned and fettled by a team of US manufacturers to turn it into a true 'work of art'.

The vehicle was originally commissioned by Tim Buckhold, a southern Californian-based VW enthusiast. Sent to Mendeola Signature Motors in San Diego, it was then mated to a modified chassis – before being sent on to several other customisation companies for further fettling.

Bespoke 1957 VW Beetle is a ‘work of art’
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Bespoke 1957 VW Beetle is a ‘work of art’

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To that end, it features a massive turbocharged 2.3-litre engine – that's a serious upgrade over the original car's 1.6-litre flat-four. It's mated to a custom exhaust system, and it all runs on bespoke aluminium wheels.

The car's been lowered on racing coilovers, and the steering rack is taken from a Golf. And while the bodywork is nearly standard, it's been polished to within an inch of its life, and features chrome trim on every available surface.

The interior hasn't escaped treatment, either. It's been given Speedwell embossed seats, a custom-designed Jaguar-style steering wheel, and bespoke gauges. It's also got an integrated roll bar for extra stiffness in the corners.

Tony Entwistle is general manager at John Holland, the dealer that's selling the car. He said: "This is so much more than a Volkswagen Beetle and we're proud as a business to have taken delivery of it.

"With its bespoke interior, custom-built body and one of the finest chassis' ever made, it's a result of some of the finest engineering and modification in the world."

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