Young family's near miss captured on dashcam

This video shows the moment a young family narrowly avoided a devastating head-on collision. It was captured on dashcam by Nick Collins, 36, who barely missed smashing into an MPV as it veered out of its own lane.

Collins was driving his wife and young children, aged nine and six, to work and school respectively when the incident happened. The route is one Collins told the Liverpool Echo he takes every day, towards Whiston in Merseyside.

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As can be seen from the dashcam footage, Collins heads towards a left-hand bend when another vehicle appears from around it. The approaching car then veers out of its lane, and seems to be approaching on a collision course.

Luckily for the family, Collins manages to swerve his vehicle out of the way at the last moment, dramatically avoiding what could have been a disastrous head-on crash.

He told the Echo: "The car came round the corner on the wrong side of the road. It was a bit of shock factor at first and I was thinking, are they going to move?"

"They didn't and I swerved to the left and up the kerb to get out of the way - I was shocked. I think my wife was on her phone, looked up and saw the car coming towards us and screamed."

Thankfully nobody was injured in the crash, though Collins' car is damaged on both sides – from a scrape by the other car, as well as some caused by the kerb on the other side.

He added: "The driver carried on as if nothing had happened on the wrong side of the road but my wife was concerned he may have crashed. My wife called the police and we sat in car for ten minutes because I was shaken up. She then drove to school, walked herself to work and then I drove home.

"On the way back I checked if there was any crash further up the road. My wife texted me a few times today worrying about the other driver."

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