What is the other half buying? Top ten luxury cars of 2017 revealed

The best-selling cars in the UK are mostly pretty predictable – small hatchbacks, crossovers, and the ever-dominant Ford Fiesta at the top. This has been the way for years.

But in the exclusive world of supercars and high-end luxury models, the best-selling list looks a whole lot different. Figures from JBR Capital, which provides loans and finance on high-value vehicles, has now revealed the most popular supercars of 2017.

Top ten luxury cars of 2017 revealed
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Top ten luxury cars of 2017 revealed

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The car that JBR Capital provided more loans on than any other is that footballer's favourite, the Bentley Continental GT. This palatial super-coupe features either a V8 or V12 engine, and usually retails for over £150,000.

But JBR Capital says the car's popularity is due to comparatively low loan payments of around £1,800 a month – along with the car's other merits of effortless pace and all-weather ability. It's especially impressive that the Continental has continued to sell so well, considering it's a generally outdated model. The all-new version of Bentley's flagship coupe went on sale just a few months ago.

Next most popular after the Bentley is another British offering – the McLaren 570S. McLaren's best-selling car ever, the 570S offers up storming performance from its V8 engine. Running the McLaren close in third place is the incredible Ferrari 458.

Surprisingly, even among these ultra-luxury performance cars, there is a concession to running costs. JBR Capital's sixth most-financed vehicle was the all-electric Tesla Model S – especially popular among the wealthy London elite, who can avoid the £11.50 daily congestion charge by buying an electric vehicle.

How representative are these figures? Well, they only take into account cars bought via finance. The super-wealthy are likely to pay cash for their cars instead. Nevertheless, it's interesting to see which vehicles the rich – or even quite rich – choose to buy. Check out our gallery above to see the full top 10.

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