Road rage driver forces van off the road

Terrifying dashcam footage has emerged of the moment an angry motorist forced a van driver off the road – with disastrous consequences.

The video was captured by a following car, and shows the van drifting across its lane. It then cuts off another driver in a VW Jetta, which is forced to brake suddenly as the van heads into its lane.

The Jetta driver then sees red and makes its way around the outside of the van at high speed. As it draws level, the driver suddenly spears off to the right – slamming into the van's front wing and forcing it off the road.

The helpless van is left with no option but to crash into a lamp-post at high speed, potentially injuring the occupants within. Pictures taken immediately post-crash show that after it hit the lamp-post, the vehicle overturned and fell into a deep storm drain, landing on its roof.
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