Low bridge ahead! Tractor meets a sticky end after hitting overpass

Even owners of the largest vans or people carriers don't usually need to worry about the height of their vehicle – with multistorey car parks being the only time the majority of drivers are troubled by height restrictions.

But if you're driving an HGV, or worse still an HGV with an oversized load on the back, height is a very important consideration – and one that a driver in the Netherlands neglected, as you can see in footage caught on dashcam.

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The video shows a large outfit consisting of a tractor and trailer, carrying a large excavator. The combination proves too high for the road ahead, and the excavator strikes a railway viaduct, causing a spectacular display of sparks.

The impact is too much for the tractor driver to control, and all three – tractor, trailer and excavator – end up on their side in the soft verge.

Unfortunately no further information is available on the driver's condition after the incident.

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