Man finds Porsche in woods 27 years after it was stolen

A 1979 Porsche 924 has been discovered in a forest in Oregon, nearly 27 years after it was first reported stolen.

The vehicle was found by a man walking his dog in Lake National Park, Oregon, on Tuesday. He reported finding an overturned vehicle that had rolled down a steep embankment.

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However, it has turned out that the Porsche was actually stolen from a cinema car park almost 27 years ago in Medford, Oregon – roughly 40 miles away from where the wreck was discovered. It was stolen on January 20, 1991.

The position of the vehicle at the base of a cliff made it near impossible to see from the road above, explaining why it has taken all these years to be discovered.

The police said: "Detectives checked the wreckage and found no human remains in or around the vehicle.

"Heavy forest debris indicated that the vehicle had been there for a significant period of time. The registration tags expired in 1991.

It also added that because of the vehicle's location that it would present "logistical and environmental concerns for removal".

It's not clear how the car ended up down the cliff side or who was driving.

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