Electric Sondors EV debuts in LA - the commuter car of the future?


Three-wheeled cars in this country usually have rather a negative stigma associated with them – just imagine a Reliant Robin and you'll understand the problem. But electric bicycle manufacturer Sondors may have just the thing to help the three-wheeler's case. It's imaginatively called the Model Sondors, and is pitched as "the most affordable, attractive and practical EV ever."

The Model Sondors is only a prototype currently, and comes courtesy of a crowdfunding exercise that raised millions of dollars. The company reached its funding goals in January, and finished the prototype seven months later. It's a two-front, one-back wheel layout with room for three people – two in the front, and one in the back.

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A pure-electric vehicle, the Model Sondors will come equipped with a choice of three battery packs, chargeable from either 110V or 240V power sources – suggesting a launch outside of the US may be on the cards. The firm estimates a range of 75, 150 or 200 miles depending on which battery is chosen, with acceleration figures ranging between five and eight seconds for the 0-60mph sprint.

"I want electric to be available to everyone. I believe affordable, clean transportation should be the norm, not the exception", said the company's founder and CEO, Storm Sondors. "You shouldn't have to choose between a car you can afford and a car that's electric. We can do better."

The company now needs up to $20 million for tooling before it produces the car, but will only sell the vehicle when it's production ready. That's a key difference to the Elio – another three-wheeled economy car start-up firm, which has suffered massive production delays despite taking millions in customer deposits.

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