Video footage captures spectators nearly flattened by rally cars

A rally in Croatia nearly ended in tears at the weekend, as two spectators nearly found themselves on the receiving end of a speeding car.

The footage, captured by another bystander, shows a procession of rally cars, including a BMW 6 Series and a Lada. The last car, a Mitsubishi Evo, continues on as normal, but as it rounds the final corner two spectators dash out in front of it.

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The hapless people come very close to being run over by the Evo, but do thankfully make it across the stage after diving out of the way of the approaching vehicle.

This video is a reminder of the importance of spectator safety at these events. Rallies do always have designated areas for fans to stand, and can be dropped entirely if organisers feel the spectators are becoming unruly. Luckily, nobody was injured in this particular incident.

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