Watch man escape death twice in seconds after avoiding out of control car

CCTV footage has captured the incredible near miss in China between a man and an out of control car.

At the start of the video, a taxi can be seen turning around in the middle of the road, before a speeding Mercedes R-Class suddenly has to swerve to avoid hitting it.

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A pedestrian is stood on the footpath talking on his phone but suddenly has to jump out of the way as the Mercedes slams into a tree just a few feet away from him.

The tree is what helps save the man from being hit, although unfortunately the speed of the crash knocks a lamppost down. The man miraculously dodges out of the way of the falling post, too, as he squeezes between a car and the falling pole.

The incident happened in Huludao City in north-eastern Liaoning Province.

The man is believed to have escaped unharmed, although the driver of the Mercedes is said to have suffered minor injuries. The incident is being investigated by Chinese authorities.

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