An impressive trick! Car follows skateboarders off jump

A bizarre piece of footage has emerged, showing an apparent ghost car launching itself from a high ramp. The video, captured in America, begins as an innocent film of skateboarders trying out their latest tricks – but quickly becomes much more spooky.

The skateboarding teenagers are making use of an elevated loading ramp, jumping off it – but quickly yelled and ran out of the way as a blue Mazda 3 followed them. It crashed to the ground, where the skaters were surprised to find it had no driver.

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Unsurprisingly shocked by the incident, the teens gathered round the car to confirm it truly was sans chauffeur. However, they quickly scattered as a tow truck arrived to remove the car – just seconds after the incident occurred.

How the car managed to scale the platform, or how the tow truck knew it would be there is as yet unknown. Could this be a new form of driverless car? If it is, we'd recommend that the programmers scrub this event from its memory banks.

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