Owner converts retro Fiat 500 into moving hair masterpiece

This classic Fiat 500 has been covered in human hair by its owner.

The little Cinquecento was given the makeover by Italian hair stylist Maria Lucia Mugno who spent an eye watering £71,111 doing so.

The video shows the cute little car turning heads as it blasts around some narrow Italian streets.

Mugno now holds the world record for the hairiest car – and all of it is real human hair.

To keep her car looking as fresh as possible, Mugno cleans it on a regular basis with shampoo and conditioners.

Speaking to AOL, Mugno said: "I drive my car more or less once a week. People are shocked, they see it and ask: 'What is this madness you've created?' I've had negative comments about it because not everyone liked the hair."

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