British army testing Xbox-style control for resupply vehicles

Autonomous cars may well be the future of driving on-road, but the Ministry of Defence believes they may hold a place in off-road driving too.

In conjunction with the US military, the MoD is testing a series of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, which could hold the key to efficient and safe transportation of supplies to troops on the battlefield.

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Smaller 4x4s are the first rung on this ladder. Controlled remotely via video-game style controllers, they could potentially scout out battlefields from many miles away.

The other development under consideration is convoys of driverless trucks. These would allow vast amounts of supplies to be transported with little or no input from a driver – again, potentially remotely controlled from miles away.

Where previously a convoy of trucks would require a driver for each vehicle, these convoys could free up many soldiers for more important tasks, leaving the dangerous and unglamorous job of resupplying troops to the vehicles themselves.

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