Near miss for motorcyclist who almost crashes into cameraman

This footage shows the moment a biker very nearly overcooks his wheelie – and risks his cameraman in the process. The video, which appears to be from continental Europe, captured men aboard dirt bikes performing stunts on the road.

Though the biker appears very skilled, performing wheelie after wheelie with no problem, he soon misjudges his throttle and barrels towards the camera bike – still on just one wheel.

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Luckily for both riders, the wheelie doesn't end in tears, and despite the (very) near miss both escape unharmed and still on their bikes. Seemingly unfazed, the wheelies soon resume, and the pair continue down the road.

While doing stunts such as wheelies on a public road is not explicitly banned, had the riders been caught they would likely have been charged for not being in full control of their vehicle.

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