Terrifying footage captures schoolchildren's near miss with lorry

Dashcam video has emerged from Norway emphasising the importance of crossing the road carefully. The footage, filmed in the town of Gol in Norway, shows two schoolchildren coming distressingly close to being run over by a truck.

A small group of schoolchildren were dropped off by the bus, which did not have a dedicated stop on the narrow mountain road. The children then cross the road behind the bus, leaving the view of oncoming traffic totally blocked by the bus.

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Stepping out from behind the bus, the two girls were confronted by a full-sized lorry bearing down upon them. One student stops in time, but the other runs straight out in front of the truck.

Incredibly luckily, the truck driver slammed on the brakes and managed to skid to a halt just inches from the girls. The principal of the student's school said that the incident made for difficult viewing but has prompted a review of road safety procedures.

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