Horrifying footage captures London bus ploughing into multiple cars

This video shows the harrowing moment a London bus driver seemingly loses his mind and goes on a rampage on a London street. The bus, a new Routemaster, smashed into a Lexus SUV which was later found to be carrying a baby, before pushing it hundreds of yards down the street.

Screaming passers-by and passengers were heard begging the driver to stop, but he didn't until he was further down the road.

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The footage first emerged on Twitter, showing the number 254 bus bound for Aldgate slamming into the Lexus. A TfL spokesperson had little to add about the incident, saying: "At approximately 4:30pm today [Oct 9] a 254 double deck bus operated by Arriva, collided with three cars in Lower Clapton Road between the Lea Bridge roundabout and Cricketfield Road, E5. An investigation is underway."

It's not yet known why the driver acted the way he did, but a Metropolitan police spokesperson reassured the public there were no serious injuries sustained.

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