Volkswagen Jetta follows the Scirocco as it's axed from UK lineup

The unrelenting surge of SUVs on the UK market has claimed another victim. Volkswagen's compact Golf-based saloon, the Jetta, has been removed from sale in the UK, with just a few dealer-stock examples remaining to be sold.

The decision to axe the Jetta was made due to poor sales. Volkswagen sold just 379 Jettas between January 1 and October 1 in the UK. That's alongside 52,722 examples of the Golf hatchback, with which the Jetta shares its engines and much of its underlying structure.

The saloon segment is becoming increasingly unfashionable – with VW only selling 5,398 examples of the larger Passat saloon in the same time period. Though fleet customers are still enamoured with the compact saloon, the dominance of premium brands like Audi and BMW have left former stalwarts like VW in the dust.

A new Jetta is set to be revealed at next year's Detroit Motor Show, though it's likely to be biased towards markets where sales are stronger – the USA, China and India still purchase compact saloons in vast numbers.

A Volkswagen UK spokesperson told Autocar that the Jetta's discontinuation was due to the car reaching the end of its life cycle, and would not comment on the possibility of the next model coming to the UK.

The Jetta's demise leaves the Beetle as the next likely candidate in the firing line, as VW seeks to trim the fat from its lineup to save costs in the still-ongoing wake of its diesel emissions scandal. Volkswagen executives have already suggested that the hard-top Beetle (which sold just 1,344 units from Jan 1 – Oct 1) may not survive the next bout of cost-cutting measures.

VW is instead concentrating its efforts on electric and hybrid models, as well as new high-end cars like the luxurious Arteon.

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