Video: Uber passenger steals from driver's tip jar

She didn't realise she was being recorded


A brazen Uber passenger has been caught on camera as she appeared to steal a handful of cash from a driver's tip jar.

The woman, who was sharing a taxi with two other pals in New York, thought she was being sneaky as she slipped her hand into the box - but didn't realise her every move was being recorded.

The video, which runs for around two minutes, shows the group chatting with each other quietly in the back of the cab.

The woman, who was sitting in the middle seat, does not appear to even acknowledge the money for the majority of the ride.

She exits the taxi with a handful of cash

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But as the car pulls to a halt and her friends get out, she reaches forward towards the tip jar.

Looking directly at the camera, she pulls her hand back for a second, appearing to have second thoughts about stealing the cash, but at the last moment dips her hand into the jar and grabs a handful of notes.

She then exits the taxi and dashes across the road to catch up with her friends.

Realising something has happened, the driver turns to look at the back seats, and realises that all his money has been taken.

The driver notices something is wrong as the trio get out of the cab

He tries to track the group down but they get away with the money

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He sounds his horn in a bid to get the group's attention but doesn't get a response.

The clip ends as he unbuckles his seatbelt and gets out of the car.

But despite attempting to pursue the group, it appears the driver had no luck getting his money back.

According to the driver, Uber responded: "You may want to initiate a formal investigation via the police.

"Uber will comply with any formal requests from law enforcement."

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