Supercar owner outraged as he gets a fine for parking across two spaces – despite paying for both

A Ferrari-owning sausage-maker has hit out at parking wardens after receiving a £90 fine on his £143,000 supercar – after paying the correct fees.

Supercar owners are often quite rightly worried about leaving their cars in public, with a fine balance to be struck between concern for a £100k-plus piece of machinery and not annoying other members of the public. Kevin McWhinney, a banger-making businessman from Northern Ireland, clearly thought that his solution was a good one.

Mr McWhinney said his Ferrari California is both valuable and very wide for a standard parking bay, so instead of squeezing in he decided to park across two spaces. Not wanting to suffer the wrath of parking wardens, he proceeded to pay for two tickets – one for each space he used. He told the Mirror he'd been following this practice for more than 15 years.

"It's about not wanting to get dents in the car," he said. "I previously had a BMW that was dented in a hotel car park and the hotel paid for the repairs in the end.

"But since then I have always done this - paid for two spaces - and this is the first time I have ever been fined for doing it in 15 or 20 years."

Mr McWhinney appealed the fine, which was given on the grounds of his vehicle not being "parked completely within a marked bay". He said the appeal was not for the sake of the £90 fine, but for fighting a ruling he thinks is against common sense.

"I try to fight for public rights on certain issues so they don't have to swallow this crap, but in this instance I'm fighting for my own right. Where can I park my car safely without being fined?" he said.

However, McWhinney's appeal was rejected by the Parking Enforcement Processing Unit.

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