McLaren launches its slowest model yet - a foot-powered P1


When buying a new car, you can usually pick from a variety of engines, interior trims, sometimes how many doors you'd like – but very few manufacturers let you choose the size of your new vehicle. But McLaren, always a strong representative of pioneering British engineering, has stepped up and revealed a more compact version of its P1 supercar.

It's powered by a groundbreaking organic motor and embraces the latest in power delivery technology – that's right, it's a ride-on P1, and gets up to speed via the furiously punting feet of a hyperactive toddler.

McLaren launches its slowest model yet - a foot-powered P1

McLaren launches its slowest model yet - a foot-powered P1

The foot-to-floor P1 sits in the middle of McLaren's wide range – flanked by smaller collectible models underneath and the more sophisticated electric ride-on P1 above. It's available in the same brilliant shade of Volcano Yellow as the full-sized P1, but comes in significantly cheaper – with an RRP of just £35.99, it could be your route into bargain McLaren ownership.

In fact, with all 375 models of the P1 sold, you'd be looking at a price between one and two million pounds on the used market – and that price doesn't even get you a rear-mounted roll-bar or sculpted plastic seat.

McLaren claims the ride-on's top-speed is entirely biscuit-dependent. We're expecting the brand to attempt a world land speed record run any day now, using a combination of energy drinks and leftover Halloween sweeties.

The P1 ride-on will be in stores just in time for Christmas, making it the ideal gift for the budding junior petrolhead in your family.

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