Man set on fire by car engine explosion but quick-thinking witness helps out

The garage worker grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the fire


Credits: CEN

A man who accidentally set himself on fire as he tried to fix his car was saved from more serious injury thanks to a quick-thinking garage worker.

Footage shot on CCTV shows how the driver had his head under the bonnet of his red car as it was parked up outside a petrol station.

Flames suddenly burst from the car, catching the man's clothes on fire, in the terrifying footage.

The man runs away from the burning car, ripping his shirt of as he runs, while a man who was sat in the passenger seat also gets out and runs.

The explosion was spotted by a man working at the nearby garage - who grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran towards the danger.

Credits: CEN

The driver was trying to fix his car

Credits: CEN

It suddenly burst into flames

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He sprays the foam under the bonnet and on the nearby grass verge where several pockets of fire are also alight, extinguishing the flames.

Despite the spectacular explosion, it is not believed that anybody was badly injured in the incident in the coastal town of Herceg Novi in Montenegro.

Credits: CEN

The fire was put out thanks to the worker's quick thinking

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