Dashcam video captures shocking undertake - with severe consequences

This footage shows the moment the driver of a Mini Cooper performs a very risky manoeuvre on a fast-moving A-road, and immediately regrets it.

The footage begins with the camera car in the outside lane, overtaking a string of cars on the Dorset Way in Poole. As the video progresses, following traffic becomes impatient, and the car is undertaken by a BMW 3 Series Touring.

A following Mini Cooper attempts to do the same, but attempts to squeeze into a gap between the camera car and a Chrysler PT Cruiser that's far too small. In the process, it hits the camera car with its rear three quarter panel and loses control, spinning across the road.

The Mini then strikes the central reservation before flipping over multiple times, eventually coming to a halt on the road. Luckily the camera car driver told Newsflare: "No one was killed or seriously injured as a result of this collision."

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